Anonymous: how much is college tuition a year where you're from?

£9000 a year

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Anonymous: Were you able to find Louis's wedding suit yet? I've seen some fun edits that place him in Ralph Lauren and Hugo Boss ads, but I think it might be nice for the actual designer to have credit.

Noooo, not yet sorry

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Anonymous: I got nialls 'boarder collie' shirt and Gemmas topshop jean jacket looooove them! Thanks for having this account it's amazing!!

Aw you’re more than welcome :) enjoy your purchases!

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Anonymous: Shoutout to liam for literally wearing a year of my tuition on his wrist!

A year of your tuition is 30 thousand?! Where do you go to school?!!

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meh…maybe when I grow out of my ugly phase


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@Louis_Tomlinson: Me and the little lad :) 

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People have asked what the title ‘I wanna see heaven’ on my personal blog means. It’s lyrics from what was and probably still is my favourite song of the moment. 

Money On My Mind - Sam Smith

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Thank you for the anon who told me about the tie Niall wore at Johannah and Dan’s wedding (20th July 2014)

If you look at HQ pics you can see the small Burberry logo stitched onto the bottom of Niall’s tie. Also for the person who was asking about the colour for their sister’s wedding. The colour is dark teal. 

Burberry - £95

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Anonymous: Do you know any good sophia or eleanor style exact blogs?

Not so sure about Sophia blogs, but Eleanor blogs:

eleanorcalderstyleguide - she found the bridesmaid dress!

Hope this helped :)

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