Anonymous: hey did you already find the grey t-shirt niall (and harry) have been wearing? if not could you have a look please?:)

If you could send in a picture or link that would be great, thanks

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In Las Vegas - September 15, 2014

Zara “Checked Shirt” - £25.99

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Anonymous: Hey Amy! So I'm a huge fan and I really don't want this to come across as rude, but do you that maybe It would be possible to create a page of just your outfit finds without the asks?

That’s what my tags are :)

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narryornahh: could you please tell your followers I'm selling my wwa tickets to the show in New Orleans!! VIP floor section B row 21 seats 21&22 asking $475 for both its a steal not a deal THANK YOU SO MUCH xoxo


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g0lden4ge: Hello, just wondered if you could post this to let people know I'm looking to sell the green urban outfitters glasses headscarf that harry has, wanted to offer it to people on here before putting it on ebay! Offers welcome! Thank you


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Anonymous: Some people are so fucking rude!! What do they expect from you?!

Who knows?!

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Anonymous: And maybe you can fuck right off, previous rude anon. Amy's set up the tags for a reason. If loads of anons can't be bothered to read the FAQs or go through the tags, she has no reason to go out of her way to help them. She's told them it's been posted. If they're that invested, they'll go through the tags, LIKE THEY SHOULD HAVE DONE IN THE FIRST PLACE.

Thank you angry anon haha

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Anonymous: well maybe you can fucking show that person the link of that post ya dick

I could, but..
1. You’re being unnecessarily rude
2. I’ve made the tag system to make it easy for people to look for themselves
3. You’re being rude

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Anonymous: pls could you find nialls monday tshirt? you know the one w/ the word 'monday' crossed out? thanks :)

Already have. Please look before asking

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Hello and welcome to dresslike-1d. Here you will find the clothing worn by One Direction and their associates.

If you would like to request something worn that hasn't already been posted, please send a message but make sure to read the FAQ beforehand. Please Submit either a link or picture.

Tagged page where you can see each of the boy's clothing

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