I keep seeing people on my dash calling 5SOS nasty.

What did they do?

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Anonymous: I found the t shirt he wore on a picture with some fans on 28/9/14 shop(.)imogeneandwillie(.)com/products/mens-willie-imogene-tee-white

Thank you :)

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Anonymous: has gemma ever worn anything frim zaRA?

Well, dearest anon you could have a look through my FABULOUS brands page arranged in alphabetical order for your convenience and have a browse through the Zara tag!


Enjoy yourself. 

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I like glitter and One Direction. 

Follow my personal velvetweekends

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My night has ended with me watching Catfish with a bowl of cookie dough and a bottle of Jim Bean.

Someone keep me company 😔

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sophiasmithstyle: Hey lovely could you please let your followers know that we are now available on Twitter (@SophSmithStyle_) aswell? So if anyone has any questions for us or wants to know what Sophia wore they can follow us on there aswell:) Thank you very much! Lots of love xx

Sure lovey!

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Anonymous: Whats a "1D af" ???

I’ve always thought it meant ‘1D as fuck’

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Anonymous: hi you know that tshirt that louis has with the doodles on it? The website takes me to some foreign urban outfitters. Do you think its available in english?

I didn’t find it on the English website so I think it’s sold out

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Anonymous: Hey I just wanna say that I love this blog and appreciate what you do! IK some people don't get it but not all people are as nice and patient and when they get loads of questions asking the same thing! It takes a lot to keep up the courage and keep the blog going when you are frustrated and Finally I want to say thank you and keep up the good work!! :) xoxo

Thank you so much :)

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Hello and welcome to dresslike-1d. Here you will find the clothing worn by One Direction and their associates.

If you would like to request something worn that hasn't already been posted, please send a message but make sure to read the FAQ beforehand. Please Submit either a link or picture.
Tagged page where you can see each of the boy's clothing

Enjoy your time here :)

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