Hi everyone, I’m going to be absent from this blog now until September as I am off on an extra long holiday. 

I won’t be able to set up a queue for obvious reasons so if there is new clothing worn I won’t be able to make a post. Feel free to send me messages while I’m away but PLEASE don’t fill my inbox with messages asking for something they wear as it won’t be answered. 

When I get home I will be doing a huge update and catching up on everything I missed during the next couple of weeks so have patience!

See you in September!

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Niall wore this snapback in a picture with a fan and his latest Instagram picture (13th August 2014)

New York Yankees - $36

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Anonymous: do you know where louis got the white shirt with the skull that he wore during the dc concert on august 11th?

It’s from The Kooples, but I haven’t found anywhere that sells it yet

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Anonymous: this is a random question but im curious! who do you do after you receive your a levels results in the uk? like do you really have to leave your family and go to uni somewhere far away or is it hard to get in the uni you want? sorry i know this is random

Basically you apply for 5 universities at the beginning of Year 13 (the last year of sixth form) and either get accepted or rejected and then you choose your firm choice and insurance choice, somewhere you want to go and somewhere you would be happy to go if you don’t get into your firm choice. 

Then you take your exams and have a massive long summer and get your results back in August. If you get the grades your university was asking for you’re in and that’s that. If you get better grades you can do something called ‘adjust’ where you can see if higher unis have any space left. If you get worst grades and don’t get into your insurance choice either you go into clearing and it’s basically where you can try and find yourself a place to go with the grades you have. 

You don’t have to go somewhere far away, but if you live within I think its 30 miles of the uni you’re not guaranteed residence halls and most of my friends decided to move away so you get more independence. Even if you do move far away, it doesn’t take long to get home. Wherever you are you can probably make it to the other end of the country in a few hours. 

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Anonymous: have you already found this? id maybe like to buy it myself! thanks x 31(.)media(.)tumblr(.)com/fec8a190939fdb92ac99f40f795cc872/tumblr_na5oh3eosf1ql1itgo1_r2_500(.)png

It’s photoshopped

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Anonymous: You are so fucking considerate tbh, your blog operates more efficiently than corporations' websites. Thanks a lot, honestly.

Wow thank you so much!

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Anonymous: Harry's grey hoodie is from Soul Cycle, it's just one from Washington D.C's specific shop so probably not available online. The one you posted is probably the closest people who aren't from DC will get!

Okay, thank you :)

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Anonymous: For those who can't afford the 50 thousand price tag on Liam's Cartier de calibre watch Michael Kors makes a similar model called the skylar available on their website for only $275

Thank you

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Anonymous: Ohh my mistake (referring to the white writing) thaaanks

It’s not a problem

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Anonymous: but it's actually the same lol, like identical.

It’s not actually ‘lol’ if you click on the link and go to the Soul Cycle you will see it has a print on the back which isn’t on the American Apparel jumper.

There are no pictures of the back yet so it could be either one.

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Hello and welcome to dresslike-1d. Here you will find the clothing worn by One Direction and their associates.

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