There is now a link to both my FAQ and submit page in my description for people who use the mobile app :)


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portia-710200: I've become hopelessly obsessed with this blog in so many ways.

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Anonymous: Hii, do you know where lou teasdales dress is from that she wore today at Holly Jones birthday meal. (It's got like little flowers on) can't send a pic it won't work sorry :( xx

I think maybe American Apparel because she wore a dress with flowers on it from there before but I haven’t seen a picture and for future reference, you can submit pictures

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Anonymous: On which and and finger does harry have his rings on? :)


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Thank you to the anon who sent this in, Harry wore these shorts when playing football in Idaho (26th July 2014)

Tough Mudder - $45

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Anonymous: Do you have Instagram ,

Yeah, there’s a link on my blog :)

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Anonymous: So I just watched some VS shows on youtube and I thought about how great it would be if 1D performed at the winter show this year like with the rumoured new album and all and I'm fucking sweating that would be so ace omg can you imagine how cheeky they would be ahhhhh

Yeah that would be pretty cool

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Anonymous: I really like this girl and I'm going to see a movie with a group of friends and she is one of them and I want to impress her without dressing up to much

Just be yourself

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Anonymous: Harry's Calvin Klein obsesssion sweater is now available at a store called opening ceremony in New York. It's only available in store only

Thank you :)

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Hello and welcome to dresslike-1d. Here you will find the clothing worn by One Direction and their associates.

If you would like to request something worn that hasn't already been posted, please send a message but make sure to read the FAQ beforehand. Please Submit either a link or picture.

Enjoy your time here,

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