after tomorrow we all have no lives again man im excited

Don’t worry, when we get tour pics tomorrow I’ll stop posting stuff irrelevant to my blog

Niall’s impression of Zayn
(I did this mostly because of Zayn’s adorable laugh in the background)

Thank you for the insight into frat houses. I am currently packing my bag to move to an American college. 

Wait, do frat houses actually exist at american colleges with all the wild parties and crazy stuff?

Anonymous asked: "Can you see what sweater Justin Bieber wore yesterday?? I really want it!! =D"

I think you have the wrong blog, love

Anonymous asked: "Do you know what shoes Harry last month?"

Erm sorry?

Anonymous asked: "Helloooo!!! ^_^ The WWA tour starts Friday and I'm soo excited to see what they are going to wear!!"

Oh my gosh, same!

Anonymous asked: "Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii thanks so much for posing the two fedoras. Do you know which one out of the two is the EXACT same that Harry has been wearing though? thanks againnnnnnnn :)"

I’m not sure if either of them are exact, they’re just ones I found that look like his from the same place he got his other one